The Victims Charter

If you are a victim of crime, your rights are primarily set out in the Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Act 2017.

The purpose of the Victims Charter is to help you find information about services offered by the State’s agencies as well as voluntary groups who work with victims of crime.

The Charter sets out how to get in touch with those services and what support you can expect to receive from them. A number of these services can also help you to understand your rights as a victim of crime. The Charter also describes the criminal justice system so that you can understand what to expect in your interaction with it.

The Charter has been drafted by the Department of Justice in a consultative process involving all relevant State agencies as well as non-governmental organisations working with and supporting victims.  These NGOs continue to play a vital role by providing support services directly to victims of crime, their families and friends. The Department of Justice is deeply grateful to them for their ongoing work and for their input to development of the Charter.

Note: This website is under development.  The site currently hosts a searchable version of the Charter.  The website will be developed further over the coming period to include enhanced features including individual pages dedicated to the various service types, options to search by location, as well as further information and infographics detailing what you can expect from the criminal justice system.